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Once you tell us what you want to train, and a little about the player you want to become, we will create sessions specific to you. Our 1-1 sessions are often position specific and value all aspects of development & performance. Each session will challenge you in a physical, technical, tactical and emotional/psychological manner. In this way, our training sessions feels like they really prepare you to impact games in your own way.

RDA Athlete Practicing with Professional Coaching

Developing football ability is complex, which is why we believe all these aspects go hand in hand.

Ultimately you know your aims best, and our role is to help you on the way. No one has all the answers but we hope to discover some more together along your journey.

Supporting Your Technical Development : With Emily Simpkins

RDA Athlete Emma Harrods in a blue and white horizontal striped football kit. She is celebrating a goal.

RDA has benefited me greatly, as they've helped me organise my goals for the season whilst analysing my game and giving me different perspectives. They provide amazing 1-1s and I can't wait to use the Virtual Reality Software. - Emma Harries, Reading FC Women 1st team

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