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injury diagnosis and rehabilitation for athletes

Looking after your body during a season is crucial. By keeping on top of any issues during the season maximises your chance of availability. Craig supports RDA Coaching alongside his roles for Notts County 1st team and CH Sports Therapy.

RDA Coaching provides injury diagnosis and rehabilitation for athletes. Craig offers a variety of services from Injury Rehab to Pre-habilitation Programmes.


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Craig is full of knowledge, easy to be around, calm and really listens. He is a true professional and thrives on helping people to get back doing what they love! - Grace Lowe, Loughborough Lightning Women's

Sprint training has helped me in many ways in my ACL recovery.

It has allowed me to improve my sport related fitness to be able to go back into games with better endurance.

It has also helped with regaining my speed that I’ve lost due to the injury. Speed has always been one of my strengths when playing, so being able to get that back was one of my priorities in my rehab and sprint training has allowed me to do that. - Viki Adam on "How Sprint training has

supported my ACL Recovery"

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