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Developing Bulletproof Athletes

RDA Coaching provides Physical Performance and development Sessions which focusses on including strength, power, endurance, speed and agility. We believe that physical resilience is critical to achieving high performance.

RDA Athlete physical performance training

RDA Coaching also provides Physical Performance Profiling including movement competency analysis, aerobic capacity assessment, lower limb power profiling and body composition analysis.

RDA Coaching is delighted to use STATSports Apex Athlete series to provide GPS Tracking monitoring physical loading, sprint speed and distance covered.

RDA coaching also provides physical performance support through:

• Force-velocity profiling

• Strength and power development

• Speed and agility workshops

• Physical capacity assessment

• Injury prevention

• Injury rehabilitation

At RDA Coaching, we strive to create physically robust athletes who are able to continually perform at their best to thrive in performance.

RDA Athlete Jack Rogers runs against a resistance band held by a coach on a green grass pitch

"I worked with Jacob during pre season a lot on explosive power and then building top speed …sessions I spent with him were brilliant, and he was very in depth with his attention to detail in terms of what technique to use to help build my power. I noticed a drastic improvement straight away in my explosiveness and felt much sharper off the mark in games and training because of the work I did with him." - Jack Rogers

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