Performance Psychology

Assessing and Developing your Mental Game

Sport is a high-pressure environment, and alongside the stress of modern-day life it is crucial athletes have the tools they need in order to cope inside and outside of sport. Working with Tom can equip you with these tools.

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Performance Psychologist

Tom Evans Psychologist

Tom is a BASES accredited Sports and Exercise Scientist in Sport Psychology support, and a Chartered Scientist. Tom’s goal is to optimise your performance as an athlete with sports psychology. This goes much further than just sports performance alone, it includes improving mindset, enhancing wellbeing and individualised person development.

Tom has years of experience of working with elite athletes in a variety of settings and has developed his knowledge of Sport Psychology through obtaining his BSc in Sports Science and MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Tom has a lot of experience working with footballers in men’s and women’s academy

Working with Tom will consist of him conducting a comprehensive needs analysis, in order to ensure you’re developing the most relevant and effective strategies to improve your mental skills. Once these strategies have been embedded into your practice, you will continue to monitor your mental skills development with Tom and make relevant amendments to your practices.

A 1-1 with Tom lasts up to 50 minutes and his athlete focused approach means that you are free to direct the session whichever direction you’d like. Also, there’s no bulk session booking so you’re not tied down to multiple session and can take it session by session.

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Before I started using Tom, I never realised the effect the mental side of football can have on your game. Now, with the work I’ve been doing, Tom has helped me with strategies, preparation and other techniques that are helping me to overcome any negative thoughts or doubts and are helping me to stay positive when I’m on form as well as positive if I’m off form. I’ve found that regularly during games I practice certain techniques, as it allows my focus to to be on certain parts of the game, as well as this Tom has massively helped with my preparation the day before games and on match days. - Finn Flanagan, Mansfield Town U18s

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