ILP+ Individual Learning Plan

Supporting your individual development

"With ILP+, you become the priority. Your development, and your performance. This is rare and difficult within a team context where a coach can have 20 players to consider. With us you'll have the opportunity for 1-1 coaching and analysis, all around you." – Jonas Munkvold, RDA TECHNICAL LEAD

ILP+ Testimonial

"It's been amazing in the last year to see how far I've come along"

Ben Osborn

How does it work?

Join the RDA tried and tested plan to aid your development and performance.


During our call, we'll get to know each other and decide on the perfect ILP+ package that's going to help you reach your development goals.

Discuss your Learning Plan

An initial free consultation will take place between an RDA coach and the athlete to discuss your learning objectives in line with the RDA Player Development philosophy.

COnfirm ILP+ Package

We will then discuss a bespoke package to support your needs and which Multi-Disciplinary services you require to support your development.

Assign Analyst

Once you are onboarded, we will then assign you to one of our dedicated analysts! Our performance analysts are based globally to give you performance insights and support round the clock.

Join HUDL Platform

You will then be introduced to our unique analysis ecosystem, Hudl, which aligns all of your learning objectives aiming to explore, inspire and educate through a web-based platform and mobile app.

Welcome to the ILP+ with rDA Coaching!

From here, you will receive weekly support from both your dedicated coach and analyst, checking in on how your working towards your development and performance goals in line with your Individual Learning Plan. From here, you can request bi-weekly or monthly reviews, in addition to reflecting on your progress using the Hudl platform reviewing your training and games.


Dedicated Analysis


off the field CoAching

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Send us your details below and we'll get back to you about starting your RDA IPL+ journey!

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RDA Spotlight


Wanting an in-depth spotlight check on your season’s progress, or wanting to benchmark yourself against other athletes, clubs or league? RDA Spotlight is the perfect tool to receive a one-off bespoke analysis package to suit your needs.
Your package could include;
x5 Performance Radars
Wyscout Report
x3 Bespoke Graphs
Bespoke Video Package
Live Game Observation and RDA Insights Report
Personal Zoom Call with RDA Analyst
1-1 On-Pitch Training Session


Send us your details below and we'll get back to you about starting your RDA IPL+ journey!

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ILP+ Performer


Receive analysis on all your games and training over the month from a dedicated performance analyst.
All Games analysed
All training sessions analysed
Hudl ILP platform access
STATSports GPS Vest
Access to BeYourBest Virtual Reality
Monthly RDA Insight Articles
Off the field coaching
Lifestyle support from a qualified Talented Athlete Lifestyle Practitioner
ILP+ Performance


In addition to ILP+ Performer benefits, you will receive a dedicated Performance Analyst analysing all of your footage, providing in-depth data insights utilising statistical analysis and development radars to benchmark your progress over the season.

You will receive x1 on-pitch session per month within this package, which you can keep in credit if you are not available for a session.
In-depth benchmark analysis
Live game observations
x1 on-pitch session pm
All of the benefits of ILP+ Performer


Partner with RDA to develop a bespoke ILP+ plan that fits with wherever you are in your career development. Gain access to all of the RDA ILP+ coaches, analysis, tools and facilities to suit your ambitions.

The ILP+ from RDA Coaching


Join the ILP+ journey with professional athlete Georgia Robert


RDA Athlete uses Be Your Best VR headset

BEYOURBEST Virtual reality

As a UK Partner for BeYourBest Virtual Reality, we offer Virtual reality experiences for our athletes aimed to train scanning and making faster, better decisions on the football pitch. By reducing the physical loading for players, the platform allows players to develop their cognitive efficiency with games simulated from the UEFA champions league.

"I absolutely loved using BeYourBest Virtual Reality. It puts you in game realistic situations where you can make decisions at match pace." - Ellie May, RDA Athlete


Access to RDA Insight Articles from leading experts from the RDA TEAM

Being an ILP+ Athlete, it already demonstrates that you are curious, invested and can take ownership of your learning. Demonstrating high levels of self-regulation allows athletes to fill gaps in their knowledge in pursuit of excellence. The RDA Multi-Disciplinary Team release monthly articles on all areas of Performance, covering physical, technical, tactical, psychological, emotional and social topics. Engaging with these articles allows athletes to continue their curiosity and help build the ILP+ Community.

ILP Edition magazine on football soccer pitch
RDA Athlete crouches on pitch listening to coach discussion


As a Qualified Talented Athlete Lifestyle practioner, we offer lifestyle support to support athletes' wellbeing, time management, growing identity, educational and emotional needs. At RDA Coaching, we want athletes to thrive and demonstrate growth in all aspects of their lives.

"I love my relationship with Rich. His passion to improve my game, the delivery of coaching sessions and the conversations and questions asked to get to know me" - Emily Simpkins, RDA Athlete

Hudl platform

Join our 360º Player-centric platform

You will then be introduced to our analysis ecosystem, Hudl, which aligns all of your learning objectives aiming to explore, inspire and education through a web-based platform and mobile app. Hudl offers ‘high-performance video and data' on one connected platform.

  • Apply your goals as digital filters to all relevant content
  • Set of to a journey of deep learning and deliberate practice
  • Engage yourself in your own video analysis
  • Frequent and context-rich messaging with you mentors
  • Rig your own training sessions with high-quality exercices
  • Enjoy our sophisticated training diary

"the ILP platform has been a massive help since using it so far. I am able to see a bunch of clips specific to my position both of myself and of other professionals and them put them into affect in games and training.

Each day. I fill out a form to describe my current state, focusing on how hard I’ve trained that day, my mood and other aspects such as how much I’ve ate and how much I’ve slept. It allows coaches to see how I’m feeling and adapt the training session to fit my needs." - Jack Rogers, RDA Athlete


KlipDraw is a telestrator tool which allows us to add illustrations and animations to still or moving frames. These drawings appear sequentially, meaning it's easy for us to show players and coaches what's happening in the game in a clear, concise manner. We can highlight defensive and offensive formations, show weakness in team or individual performances and, generally, reveal the game.

"KlipDraw has been great in highlighting key areas that I need to improve on and also areas where I’m excelling. It has helped my game by allowing me to see the exact times and situations when I should be scanning and showing me other passing options that I may not have seen in the moment. With the help of the additional animations, it’s great to watch back as it allows me to have that picture clearly in my head for the next time I play." - Georgia Robert, Durham Women


Dedicated Analysis



This section contains a brief statement of the service level agreement (SLA) for the ILP+ with RDA Coaching.

  • Monthly ILP+ support will commence in receipt of payment on the 1st date of each month, and must be paid within 7 days.
  • Athletes may wish to opt out and rejoin the ILP+ at any time at their discretion.
  • Pricing is accurate as of Friday 1st July 2022, and any additional services can mutually be discussed with the RDA Coaching team.
  • Bespoke packages can also be discussed, as well as discounts for athletes wishing to take out an annual subscription.
  • RDA Coaching is not responsible or liable to any injuries sustained by the athlete.